Restaurant Antica Falconara

Street. Partinico
The restaurant "L'Antica Falconara" is set in the fascinating territory between the countryside of Partinico, Alcamo and Balestrate.
The rooms were created after renovating an old winery, preserving the rustic style, with a family atmosphere, cozy rooms with fireplaces and wide open spaces in summer, to dine surrounded by green countryside.

We offer season menu to ensure the freshness and authenticity of local products. Meat and vegetables in winter, fresh fish in summer, pizzas in wood-burning ovens, to satisfy every need.

We suggest you try the house appetizer, the "pappardelle with porcini mushrooms" or busiate with wild boar sauce, and still excellent meat, from wild boar chops "alla fiorentina" cooked on lava stone or pork shin with potatoes.

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Restaurant Antica Falconara
Restaurant Antica Falconara
Street. , Partinico (Sicily).
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